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"Only after joining the academy, I realized I wasn't on the right path at all. Once I joined I was able to make the right decisions and properly analyze the market.
Through time I became a profitable trader then I used to be.
I recommend you to join to upgrade your trading experience."

Ben Pratt- a student at

The Xtratrader Extra

Free Online lectures

Our academy also offers weekly webinars allowing you to receive, and discuss information in real time. Members obtain constant guidance while trading online.

Traditional Signal System

Our signal system is one of our main features, which is based on traders' real-time feedback and is updated in real time.
All of our members receive access to this signal system.

Face to Face

We provide guidance which includes the best methods, advice and tips a trader can get in order to succeed.
Our students learn how to understand the market, its ups and downs, as well as techniques that will increase their profits tremendously.


Only After joining the academy, I realized, I was not on the right path all along! Once I joined, I was able to properly analyze the market and make the right decisions.
I've gained many trading strategies that I was not aware of before, and through time, I continued to improve and became a much more profitable trader than I used to be.
If you have limited experience in the market or if you are looking to improve your trading skills, I recommend you to join, it will completely change and upgrade your trading experience.

Lisa Shepard